Carbonne raps “the life of a little guy from Montpellier who traces his path”

carbon put on the gas. The rapper Montpellier unveiled, this fall, an astonishing first EP, At dawn, where he questions the world and its existence on electronic, aerial or up-tempo sounds. He will defend it on the stage of the Zénith-Sud, Saturday (5 p.m. to midnight), for the high point of the festival Yung Fest, alongside Jiddy Bruh, Josman, Benjamin Epps, Gazo, Koba Lad and Gambi.

While he was still in college, this Diam’s fanatic filled entire notebooks with protest texts. Without knowing that a few years later, he would take the microphone, for real, in front of thousands of spectators. “I started playing drums when I was four or five, in a music school, confides Carbonne. At the same time, I started playing the piano, as an autodidact, because there was one at home. Without taking lessons. I learned to compose by ear. I started there to make my first instrumentals. Without, ever, revealing his pieces in broad daylight.

“The passage on Skyrock, it’s crazy”

It was only after a year in Australia, after high school, that Carbonne decided to get out of the woods. “I pondered, pondered… And I said to myself, that once returned, I would put myself there”, remembers the rapper. He began, however, “just to have a background”, economic studies, in 2019. “The closer I approached the end of my license, the more important music became for me. I validated my license, and I attacked. »

It is, for the young rapper, through social networks that success has arrived. On Facebook, on Instagram, and on YouTube, he posts freestyles, which hit the mark. Then the Grail arrived. In the fall of 2019, skyrock radio, seduced by her posts, invites her to perform, by telephone, in the Planet Rap by Djadja & Dinaz. “I did it, they liked it. It was a Tuesday or a Wednesday, and they said to me, “If you’re motivated, come live, Friday night!”. I said “I’m coming!” The passage on Skyrock, it’s crazy. These are legendary places. In a shielded and smoky studio, Carbonne is a hit.

From the first parts of Youssoupha or Lorenzo

He won’t let go of the mic anymore. Youssoupha, Lorenzo or Dosseh invite him to play their first games. “It helped me to forge myself, on stage, he confides. I was under pressure, it’s true. When you do a first part, the public does not come for you. I adapted, depending on the style of the artist. But I remained myself. That’s always gone really well. Big connections. I still have spectators who send me messages to tell me that they have been following me since the first part of Lorenzo. »

Then the Covid-19 arrived, depriving him, like other artists, of concerts. “I figured we didn’t know how long it was going to last. I had to find another way to share my music. Confined, Carbonne went into overdrive on the Internet, and set out to conquer Tik Tok, where one of his titles, BLA bla, quickly went viral. Ensuring him a formidable showcase for his universe, which he presents, in his first EP, celebrated at the Black Ball, in Paris, in December.

“When you listen to me, you are listening to the life of a little guy from Montpellier, who is charting his course”

“Carbonne, I discovered it at the Tropisme festival, confides Thomas Raider, the programmer of the Yung Fest. He was doing a small performance, on a small stage at the Halle Tropisme. I immediately liked his style. Then there was a feeling. The protest texts of his adolescence have given way, today, to an incisive rap, but downright more calm. Alternating a sharp flow, and softer melodies.

In his songs, he exposes his feelings, “in relation to my life, he confides. I talk a lot about the past, about my childhood. Death, sometimes. Time passing. It’s simple, but it scares me. Love, feelings, too. When you listen to me, you listen to the life of a little guy from Montpellier, who traces his path. Carbonne will also unveil, on Saturday, at the Yung Fest, MTPa piece where he talks about his city of heart.

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Carbonne raps “the life of a little guy from Montpellier who traces his path”

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