Camille Lellouche presents her darling and reveals wonderful news to Internet users!

Camille Lellouche is undoubtedly one of the rising stars of the past 7 years. Revealed to the general public in 2015, during season 4 of The Voice, it has since been successful.

A real jack-of-all-trades, the pretty brunette excels not only in music, but also in humor. We remember in particular his hilarious videos during confinement.

In addition, Camille Lellouche was present on stage during the last Marrakech du rire. In short, on the professional level, the interpreter of the song But I love you, in duet with Grand Corps Malade, is a women blooming.

And the same goes for his private life. Right now, Camille Lellouche is waiting for a happy event: the arrival of her first child.

Camille Lellouche is pregnant!

Camille Lellouche leads the good life! Young, beautiful and talented, the former candidate of The Voice will soon have a visit from the stork.

As many of his fans have no doubt noticed, the comedian has been posting a nice round belly on social networks for some time now.

As a reminder, she announced the happy news in May 2022. In the caption of a nice photo of her baby bump, she wrote: I already love you. Like most pregnant women, Camille Lellouche has also gained a few pounds since her pregnancy.

From 48, she went to 65 kg. This weight gain is certainly embarrassing, especially in summer when the heat is intense, but she fully assumes it.

The singer prefers to laugh at her pounds of love rather than mope about it. For her, the most worrying thing is childbirth.

You should know that it is scheduled for this month of October. So the closer the big day approaches, the more she is afraid. According to her, she shits herself at the thought of giving birth to her first childa girl.

I don’t play smart anymore, she said.

She then added:

I’m very afraid of everything, even the words we use: mucous plugs, water bladder, epidural too, that doesn’t make me happy. Lots of veins!

There is no doubt that when the time comes, her darling will be able to reassure her. A man whose identity we did not know until recently.

Half man, half horse?

If Camille Lellouche is without filter on her pregnancy, she is more discreet about the father of her child. Indeed, the winner of the Victoires de la Musique has always taken care to hide the identity of the man who shares his life.

However, she recently gave some details about her physical appearance. The mom-to-be said she looks just like her soon-to-be-born dad. A gorgeous man with a beautiful well-drawn mouth.

And to the surprise of his 2.6 million followers, his darling was revealed, but in a very original way.

Indeed, as the singer thanked her fans in a video, the man slowly appeared in the background, wearing a horse mask.

Seeing him, Camille Lellouche bursts out laughing, warning her companion, who is rather tall, that she is going to piss herself.

After giving him a carrot, the rider went to sit in the living room to watch a horse race. He also neighed like a real horse.

You wanted to see my darling, well here he is, wrote the artist in the caption of his publication.

Camille Lellouche entertains internet users

Of course, the video quickly went viral. It must be said that this hilarious moment, shared by the couple, delighted internet users. In the comments, the latter did not hesitate to let it be known. You can read in the comments:

Honestly, you don’t need to play trifecta. You have already won everything there. A man who makes you laugh is a beautiful couple!

Camille Lellouche

I validate his humor, A little foal is coming, This little one who is about to be born will spend his time laughing, He has a lot of humor

We can be sure that Camille Lellouche is happy with her darling who obviously has a great sense of humor. A nice revenge for the one who was once under the influence of a violent man.

Anyway, let’s hope her pregnancy comes to term so we can finally see the baby’s face.

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Camille Lellouche presents her darling and reveals wonderful news to Internet users!

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