Bosh Opening for 50 Cent: What Can Happen

Bosh’s fine ascent continues. Headlining Validé, a diamond single with its hit Djomb, platinum record with his latest project, Synkinisi, he continues to succeed with an effective and increasingly well-honed formula. A few days ago, the rapper was entitled to another great reward, since he was called to ensure the first part of the two concerts of 50 Cent in the Accor Hotel Arena in June. A great mark of confidence in Bosh, who is taking over from Rohff, whose Fifty’s 2007 opening act performance caused quite a stir.

50 Cent is no longer the hitmaker he was in the 2000s, but he’s still got the crowds moving, and he’s still one of the most recognizable faces of American rap around the world.e. Sharing the bill with him in one of the biggest halls in France is therefore a great honor for Bosh, and a confirmation of his headlining status. A priori, everything should go well, but be careful all the same: we are not immune to a few surprises. We take stock of everything that could happen during these two crazy June evenings.

Rohff calls Bosh for advice

When the announcement of a 50 Cent concert in France, Rohff was one of the first to react, claiming that “this time he would not save his American counterpart”. A priori, no one asked him to do so, especially since the room was rather full, but still, Rohff could be of good advice for the young Bosh. Renowned for the quality of his performances on stage, the vitriot can assert his experience of large and small venues, but also his ability to manage the first part of the New York rapper.

Ensuring a first part is always tricky: the public is mainly there to see the main artist, the one who holds the poster, and does not necessarily want to hit half an hour or an hour before the concert with a rapper he didn’t choose. The role of the artist in the first part is to heat the room, even if it means having to deal with the impatience of the public, or its delay in lighting. We therefore imagine Rohff settling down for a few hours or even a little more with Bosh to guide him and put him on the right track – especially since the two rappers have already collaborated together on the Validé series, in particular on this famous scene that made so much talk.

Bosh starts upside down and gets stuck

We remember 50 Cent’s performance at the last Superbowl, inspired by the In Da Club clip: the New York rapper appeared upside down for a few seconds, hanging from the ceiling. The nod to his huge debut hit obviously made everyone smile, though Fifty’s awkward position was also a huge source of social media rants and memes – the rapper played the game himselfwell aware that nothing beats a little self-mockery in this kind of case.

Bosh could also pay homage to Fifty in the same way. The wink would be nice, and it would surely make the American laugh. Be careful all the same with the logistics: a strap that’s a little too tight, a belt buckle that gets stuck, and that’s the tragedy. Bosh could be forced to spend the entire first part upside down. Half an hour, or an hour, it can be long, and even dangerous. According to I’m interestedmaintaining this position for several hours can produce glaucoma, rupture of a blood vessel and cerebral edema. And the weight of the organs on the lungs is likely to lead to asphyxiation”. Becoming a successful social media meme comes at a cost.

Bosh comes across Mastar who has come to take revenge for Apash’s death.

We sometimes wonder if the spectators really understood that Validé was a series, and that Bosh, Sam’s and Hatik played the roles of rappers. It is true that reality sometimes meets or even exceeds fiction, especially in the strange world of French rap. A true antagonist of the series, the character of Karnage could spring into the real world by taking over the personality of Bosh. Behind the scenes at Bercy would then become a real scene of settling scores, in what would be an alternative version of season 2 of Validé.

Current television being a fan of reboots and remakes of all kinds, this special episode could be inspired by the film Get Rich or Die Tryin’, with the famous scene of the 9 balls cashed by Fifty. Mastar as the shooter, Karnage as the victim of the shooting, and a lot of openings for an alternative season 3 (the real season 2 was not terrible, so might as well pretend it never existed and start afresh) . We would therefore end up with Mastar on the run, Karnage in rehabilitation, and Fifty as a guest (he took a stray bullet, he wants revenge).

Fifty adopts Drake’s vampiric tactic and drains all of Bosh’s energy

It’s a proven method for the Canadian rapper: sucking in the souls of young artists, shamelessly plagiarize, surf on emerging trends. Fifty Cent proceeds differently, its vitality being ensured among other things by its art of beef. The author of Window Shopper could see himself again in the profile of Bosh, a young artist who looks like him: same silhouette, great energy, good ability to make hits despite a brutal style and street DNA.

Fifty could therefore adopt the Drake method, and draw inspiration from Djomb, Slide or Himalaya to return to the top of the American and international charts. He could also dig into the character of Karnage or Bosh’s anecdotes about Validé to feed the scenario of his various series (Power, BMF, For Life). And then, if the current goes well between Bosh and Fifty -as long as they cross paths for more than 30 seconds- we can also imagine a slightly more interesting artistic collaboration (featuring, freestyle, whatever, we take).

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Bosh Opening for 50 Cent: What Can Happen

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