Bluetooth speaker: the best models for 2022

How to choose your bluetooth speaker?

Type Usage: If you buy a speaker for sedentary use, certain criteria such as autonomy will not be important. You have to focus on the quality of the bass, the connectors or the design. For nomadic use, the quality of the bluetooth, the autonomy and its weight will be the 3 main criteria to be taken into account.

sound power : this is the maximum volume of sound that the speaker can emit, it is expressed in decibels or watts. If you are looking for a device for parties or outdoor events, this is a key criterion for everyone to hear the music.

Design: Loudspeaker designs are becoming more and more sophisticated and this is now an important criterion. Mobile speakers are mostly circular, for better sound diffusion. The sedentary speaker is meant to stay in your home and will therefore be a decorative element in its own right, so it must fit perfectly with the other elements of the room. The design will be more elaborate than for a portable speaker.

Sound broadcast: A pregnant diffuses the sound in a directive way or in 360°. It’s very interesting to have a model that broadcasts at 360° because everyone can enjoy the same audio quality.

Autonomy: The question of autonomy is essential because most often, the use of the speaker will be nomadic. The battery should last at least 10 hours so you don’t have to recharge it every day.

Connectors: In general, all bluetooth speakers have the main connectors such as the Jack socket, Micro SD port and USB port. It’s even better if you have an HDMI socket.

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Google Cast Audio, there are now several ways to connect to a speaker from a smartphone or other electronic device. The best way is Wi-Fi because the connection will be more stable, longer range and better sound quality than Bluetooth for example.

The best bluetooth speakers:

The best speaker:

Devialet Phantom



  • Best speaker in the world
  • Maximum sound level
  • Tailor-made sound thanks to exceptional bass

Less than 100€:

Less than 200€:

Less than 500€:

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Bluetooth speaker: the best models for 2022

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