Absent artists, “distressing concert”…: the uncertain future of the Back to Basic 2000 tour

Cancellations of Larusso and L5, slippages and moments of hesitation, the spectators of the concert on 1er October at the Arkéa Arena in Bordeaux came out of the show furious and some are asking for reimbursement.

It was to be the return of the tour. The production hoped to start again on good bases but the fate seems to persist on Back to Basic 2000. The absence of Larusso and L5 at the show on October 1, which was held at the Arkéa Arena in Bordeaux, frankly displeased the spectators who are looking for a way to be reimbursed. The production for its part is thinking of canceling the other concerts.

On September 25, the L5 group canceled its visit by means of a press release on Facebook : “Unfortunately we will not be able to finish the Back To Basic tour”, “She had a lot of adventures” and “the things of life are imposed on us…” One of the spectators, Étienne, a 33-year-old from Bordeaux who works in the tourism sector, explains: “The production did not keep us informed. We did not have any email, we learned it by the press release that the group made on the social networks.

The very morning of the concert, Larusso does the same, invoking “personal problems”, explains the production. This one recounts having been “taken aback” by this second package announced to the 3000 spectators after the start of the show. That evening, the public will still be able to count on the performances of Tribal King, Nuttea or even matt houston.

On the spectator side, the reaction was not long in coming. In the wake of the concert, Étienne created a Facebook group whose name leaves no doubt about his intentions: “Reimbursement Back to Basic 2000 Bordeaux”. It currently has 240 members. The Bordelais says he took his places last year. Initially the concert was to be held in January but it was postponed to October. “At that time I had asked for a refund but I gave up. I had to send a mail, I had other things to do. It’s not very honest.” The thirty-year-old motivates friends by telling himself that he is going “attend an average concert” but where he will still have fun. On the spot it is a disaster according to the spectators.

Another spectator denounces, among other things, “Absent artists, unfinished songs, others sung twice, an unexpected happy birthday, the DJ who distributes bandanas and T-shirts to calm the disgruntled, sound cuts, playbacks or even a man disguised as an astronaut who appears on the scene”. She adds with a touch of irony: “I think we hit rock bottom when 5 girls were chosen from the public to make the L5s. I laugh so much it is distressing.

surge of hate

Faced with violent criticism, Audrey Perez, the co-producer of the show, denies certain accusations. “There was no playback, all the artists really sing on stage”, she says. Adding that “the artists are also affected, they feel tainted by these reproaches”.

Étienne also deplores the lack of communication. For him, the production intentionally masked the absence of the two headliners. Élodie, another spectator, explains that if she had been made aware of Larusso’s absence, she would not have made the trip. “Once there, we felt compelled to stay. We had still driven three hours, rented an Airbnb…”she says.

Audrey Perez understands the public’s disappointment. For the time being, there are no plans to make a move. “We have already offered a refund during the show”, she explains. Indeed, during the show, the host of the evening gave ten minutes to the spectators to leave the room and “scan” their ticket. “You realize, ten minutes is not possible to compensate the 3000 people that we were in the Arena”, gets carried away Étienne. Audrey Perez, tempers: “it’s true, the DJ said that, but in reality it was more like thirty minutes, if we had needed an hour we would have taken it”.

Faced with what she calls a “surge of hatred”the organizer feels helpless. “It’s live performance, there are hazards. The turn it is taking and the media frenzy are a bit exaggerated in my opinion», she defends. Audrey Perez is exhausted, says she is harassed by spectators who call her on her mobile phone to collect their money. “I think they forget I’m a human being, it’s a small production and we’re on the front line. You still have to consider that it’s still a concert ticket.”she adds.

There are three dates left, in Caen, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence. The Norman concert is due to take place on October 15. The producer does not yet know what follow-up to the events: “We are going to look at things differently because it is getting too hard to manage”. If she does not speak for the moment of cancellation, the question is on the table. Audrey Perez leaves room for doubt.

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Absent artists, “distressing concert”…: the uncertain future of the Back to Basic 2000 tour

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