8:30 p.m. Sunday – Michel Sardou and DJ Snake on the same set, Internet users welcome a real moment of television

In “20h30 Le Dimanche”, Laurent Delahousse organized a meeting as improbable as it is fascinating between the two artists. (Screenshot France 2)

This Sunday, May 15, Laurent Delahousse and the teams of “20h30 Le Dimanche” offered viewers of France 2 an encounter between two monuments of French musical heritage: on the one hand, DJ Snake, the most listened to French artist in the world which is about to give a gigantic concert at the Parc des Princes, on the other, Michel Sardou, the “taulier” of French song who has come to greet the troupe which pays homage to him in a musical entitled “I’m going to love you “. The two artists, who politely addressed each other, shared their stories, their journeys and their anecdotes with great mutual respect and admiration. A moment as improbable as it is tasty for many viewers.

A real TV moment. This Sunday evening, after the traditional JT, Laurent Delahousse inaugurated a new issue of “8:30 p.m. Sunday“. Two prestigious guests answered present this evening and came on the set of the show. For one as for the other, a few notes are enough for millions of people to guess which artist it is. Thus , Michel Sardou accepted the invitation of Laurent Delahousse and his teams. The artist, who said goodbye to the stage in April 2018, came to share his feelings about the musical “I’m going to love you” which pays homage to his repertoire and which is on tour throughout France. France, current events, the Ricans, Vladimir Ilitch, a scene and a cult replica of the “Pasha” which he willingly appropriates, his passion for “Top Gun” and the fighter pilots, the 75-year-old singer answered the journalist’s sometimes intimate questions and even discreetly confided that he was thinking of returning to the stage. But tonight, France 2 viewers have above all attended a meeting.

VIDEO – Discover Laurent Delahousse’s Minute

“It’s crazy !”

With more than 20 billion streams worldwide, he is quite simply the most listened to French artist in the world. DJ Snake was also on the set of “8:30 p.m. Sunday” this evening, on the occasion of a gigantic concert scheduled for Saturday June 11 at the Parc des Princes where 63,000 people are waiting for him. A new challenge for the artist who quickly explained that he felt a certain “pressure” a few weeks before the event. And this event is also part of the common points that he shares with Michel Sardou. He also gave a concert at the Parc des Princes, notably during a duet with his friend Johnny Hallyday in 1993. Very quickly, with a lot of spontaneity, the two artists got to know each other and exchanged their points of view on popular culture. , their careers and journeys with great respect and admiration from both sides.

“I have a lot of admiration. Michel, you talk to us about numbers and so on, but the career! Me, I’m not even ten years old yet at the top and when I see Mr. Sardou’s career, it inspires me to longevity. It’s incredible to renew yourself every time. It’s an incredible challenge!” explains DJ Snake about Michel Sardou.

Barely arrived on the set, the interpreter of “La Maladie d’amour” was also full of praise for the DJ and composer: “I know him. It’s extraordinary what he does. Really , it’s impressive. It’s great what he does, I love it. (…) He is right to tell French artists not to run away to make a career elsewhere. He was talking about Mbappé, he’s not an artist but somehow he is one all the same.

If this meeting between the two artists could seem improbable, it was finally in the eyes of many Internet users a real beautiful moment of television.

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8:30 p.m. Sunday – Michel Sardou and DJ Snake on the same set, Internet users welcome a real moment of television

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