Brutal! 5 Adele achievements to understand the importance of her in the music industry

1675303641 Brutal 5 Adele achievements to understand the importance of her

At this stage, Is there anyone who doesn’t know Adele? It is no secret to anyone that for almost a decade, this british artist became one of the most important of our timessince he has released albums and songs that marked millions of people around the world and despite the fact that he takes a … Read more

The five concerts of ‘Microsonidos’ recommended by music critic Alberto Frutos

1675282471 The five concerts of Microsonidos recommended by music critic Alberto

Rufus T. Firefly, one of the bands that participate in ‘Microsounds’, in a file image. The festival starts this Friday and will last until April 7; will offer 40 nights of music with fifty bands of various styles in the Region of Murcia Next Friday, February 3, and until April 7, the sixteenth edition of … Read more

The election of the deputy for French nationals living abroad Karim Ben Cheikh invalidated – Jeune Afrique

The election of the deputy for French nationals living abroad

Friday, January 20, the Constitutional Council invalidated the election of the MP for the ninth constituency of French people living abroad (Maghreb and West Africa), Karim Ben Cheikhelected on June 19 with 54% of the vote against Emmanuel Macron’s former minister, Elisabeth Moreno. The Constitutional Council considered that a technical error during the online vote … Read more

Rayden reflects on “love and loneliness” in his first novel

Rayden reflects on love and loneliness in his first novel

After two decades of uninterrupted career, which includes seven albums with more than 100 songs and five collections of poems, David Martínez Álvarez, better known as Raydenpremieres her first novel, ‘The approach of the cactus woman and the balloon man’with which he reflects on current love and loneliness. “Today’s society is a hubbub of stimuli … Read more

Football: from Lioujas to Comtal, Marie-Laure Pradalier, eternal fighter

Football from Lioujas to Comtal Marie Laure Pradalier eternal fighter

President of the Lioujas women’s club during her golden age, Marie-Laure Bou, who later became Pradalier, is now involved in the Comtal club, in which she is a player after having taken part in its creation. Daughter of a former footballer from the Gages club and one of the pioneers of women’s football in Aveyron … Read more

Elton John’s tour becomes the highest grossing in history: where are others like U2, Taylor Swift and Rolling Stones – Forbes Spain

Elton Johns tour becomes the highest grossing in history where

Five years, 278 concerts and five million fans in attendance later, the tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road of Elton John has become the highest grossing of all time and first to raise more than 800 million of dollars, according to bill boardsurpassing tours like those of Ed Sheeran, u2 and the Rolling Stones. Elton John … Read more

Anna Nicole Smith: when her death hit the headlines

1675103081 Anna Nicole Smith when her death hit the headlines

Anna Nicole Smith was an American actress and model, who rose to fame through the role she played in the television series The Anna Nicole Show during the 1990s. On February 8, 2007, the 39-year-old woman was found unconscious in a hotel room in Hollywood, Florida. The causes of the death of the popular star … Read more