How “fake streams” are disrupting online music

How fake streams are disrupting online music

It wasn’t a mystery for a long time, but it’s now official. In an unpublished report, published this week, the National Center for Music (CNM) confirms it, with supporting figures: “the manipulation of online listening is a reality”. In France, in 2021, between 1 and 3 billion streams, i.e. 1% to 3% of the total … Read more

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”, the song that made Eurythmics realize their dreams

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This the song that made

Reading time: 6 mins Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This sentence could well find its musical archetype in the history of the piece “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)»released on January 21, 1983 by British duo Eurythmics. A world hit, very anchored in its sound era, of course, but which has found, in originality and formidable … Read more

5 reasons why Lefa should never stop rapping

5 reasons why Lefa should never stop rapping

If the rumor of the end of Lefa’s career was ultimately unfounded, it’s time to remember how essential the former member of Sexion d’Assaut is to French rap. On January 12, an earthquake hit the hip-hop planet with full force. Lefa had purely and simply disappeared from social networks without leaving the slightest trace. Neither … Read more

Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift: when pop stars attack their exes in song

Shakira Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift when pop stars attack their

The settling of musical accounts, an exercise to which the stars of world pop willingly lend themselves, is being emulated more and more. The result is open-hearted ballads, revengeful texts and, almost always, fallout in the tabloid press. Busy weekend for abused women. Since Friday, social networks have been delighting in new songs from Miley … Read more

[VIDEO] Jane Birkin in concert in Montpellier: “For an hour and a half, in front of people, I’m really happy!”

1673895632 VIDEO Jane Birkin in concert in Montpellier For an hour

Ultra-classy event at the start of the year: on January 24, 2023, Jane Birkin will be on the stage of the Opéra-Comédie, in Montpellier, for “Oh! Pardon, tu dormais…”, the show inspired by her album eponymous, produced with the complicity of Etienne Daho. Before this unique meeting, the immense singer agreed to confide in no … Read more

Sony launches a compact and accessible Walkman to listen to its music in very high quality

1673889808 Sony launches a compact and accessible Walkman to listen to

Sony continues to offer its range of multimedia players and has launched a new Walkman, the NW-306, which allows you to enjoy high quality titles, and even DSD files. The Sony Walkman NW-306 // Source: Sony If the cassette players come back into fashion, their inventor, Sony, decided about ten years ago to make its … Read more

Music streaming: a study evokes false listening

Illustrative image. A user of the Spotify music streaming application on a smartphone, on March 7, 2013, in Stockholm, Sweden. JONATHAN NACKSTRAND / AFP Fraud does not spare the world of music. Between 1% and 3% of online listening is false, according to data for 2021 in France unveiled on Monday January 16 by the … Read more

En 2003, l’interview-vérité de Lisa Marie Presley

1673842370 En 2003 linterview verite de Lisa Marie Presley

ARCHIVES. La célébrité, la drogue, les divorces, son père… Lisa Marie Presley, décédée vendredi, s’était longuement confiée à notre magazine en 2003. La chanteuse Lisa Marie Presley, fille de la légende du rock’n’roll Elvis Presley, s’est éteinte jeudi, à l’âge de 54 ans. Enfant unique du “King” et de son épouse Priscilla, Lisa Marie aura … Read more

Patrick Bruel: “When I look in the mirror, I tell myself that there is work!”

Patrick Bruel When I look in the mirror I tell

Interview.- Four years after the release of Are we going out tonight…, the singer is back with Once again, a very personal new album. The opportunity to play the game of our “autopromo” interview. Faithful to his musical universe, Patrick Bruel produced, for this tenth album recorded in the studio, about fifteen intimate titles, for … Read more

Avatar 2: is the soundtrack of the film really that bad?

1673818705 Avatar 2 is the soundtrack of the film really that

Whether Avatar 2: The Waterway divides viewers, James Cameron’s epic fresco can also be questioned about the quality of its soundtrack. Among the most loyal collaborators of james cameronimpossible not to dwell on James Hornerthe composer of the filmmaker’s most famous soundtracks. Of course, everyone remembered the martial percussions ofAliensthe flutes of titanic and the … Read more