Zaz soon unrecognizable? His “disturbing” resemblance to a French icon

1649618507 Zaz soon unrecognizable His disturbing resemblance to a French icon

Officially back, Zaz is preparing for a major musical project in Las Vegas and should embody an icon of French song. Le Parisien revealed many details about it. After his new album isa released last October, Zaz indeed signs her big comeback, since she is about to live an incredible experience in Las Vegas. The … Read more

The Kalush Orchestra make themselves “useful” to Ukraine via Eurovision

The Kalush Orchestra make themselves useful to Ukraine via Eurovision

From our special correspondent in Amsterdam (Netherlands), “It is very important for us to seize the opportunity to represent our country and be of as much use to it as possible. It is essential that theUkraine not be forgotten,” he told 20 minutes who meets him in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Looking serious, barely brightened by the … Read more

Vincent Delerm: “I learned the piano at 16 to sing because I found the albums of Barbara and Michel Berger brilliant”

Vincent Delerm I learned the piano at 16 to sing

Celebrating your 20th birthday was it necessary?Vincent Delerm- I wanted to mark the occasion, but until I had a formal idea, I was not attached to it. Everyone has family slides to show, but it’s very often boring. It was therefore necessary to be vigilant so that this anniversary was not boring. I’m not saying … Read more

In Pakistan, the sarangi, a traditional instrument, sinks into oblivion

In Pakistan the sarangi a traditional instrument sinks into oblivion

Difficult to master, high maintenance costs, competition from modernity… Known for its similarity to the human voice, the sarangi is slowly disappearing from the Pakistani music scene. In the shadow of mosques and red brick palaces of Lahorethe cultural capital of Pakistan, Zohaib Hassan plucks the strings of a sarangi, filling the streets with a … Read more

Top 13 singers accused of plagiarism, it’s not beautiful that | Topito

Top 13 singers accused of plagiarism its not beautiful that

I have good news and bad news, which one should I start with? The maid ? OK: justice has ruled, “Shape Of You” is not plagiarism: you can therefore continue to hum it shamelessly! The bad ? This top may make you lose faith in humanity. Hard hard to realize that some music that has … Read more

Christophe Willem en interview : “Il y a une ultra-violence quand tu es expos”

Christophe Willem en interview Il y a une ultra violence

Crdits photo : Pierre & Florent Propos recueillis par Julien Gonalves. Dans quel tat d’esprit est-tu, alors que tu reviens avec “PS : Je t’aime” ?coute, je suis impatient. a fait pas mal de temps que je travaille sur cet album. a va faire presque deux ans que je vis avec le titre “PS : … Read more

Baptiste W. Hamon combines French song and country music in his third album “Jusqu’à la lumière”

1649566190 Baptiste W Hamon combines French song and country music in

We discovered him three years ago on the occasion of his second album I burn. Already, we had felt this desire to marry a French song inspired by the great authors to text with music strongly impregnated with American culture. A duet with Miossec, of which he provides the first part, but also typically Americana … Read more