A Coruña cultural agenda: An autumn to sing, jump and dance

A Coruna cultural agenda An autumn to sing jump and

This will finally be fall of the great musical events without restrictions or masks in A Coruna. It is only worth singing, jumping and dancing. To do this, the cultural agenda of the city is loaded with appointments until the end of the year. Festivals and concerts in halls and large venues make A Coruna … Read more

Ringo Starr concerts officially canceled in Mexico

Rosalia turns 30 these are the ten songs that have

EFE Latam Videos A year without dialogue in Venezuela, where politics is negotiated in the shadows Caracas, Oct 16 (EFE).- The Government of Venezuela has not been in dialogue with the opposition for a year, at least formally, since the parties suspended negotiations in Mexico and began a process of underground rapprochements and parallel incentives … Read more

Paola Jara refused to receive a kiss from a fan in concert because her husband scolded her

Paola Jara refused to receive a kiss from a fan

Paola Jara lived an uncomfortable but fun moment during one of her presentations this weekend. Photo: Instagram @paolajarapj Undoubtedly, popular music singers have stolen the show in national entertainment and why not, also in the international arena. And it is that those who attend their concerts dream of getting on stage to take a picture … Read more

BTS’s last concert in years? These are the deadlines that its members face

Les Appearances France 2 Benjamain Biolay For me who voluntarily

The expected and massive concert that the South Korean band bts offered on Saturday in the South Korean city of Busanorganized to support the city’s bid to host Expo 2030, has been followed in 229 countries and regions through television broadcasts and through the internet, according to its representative agency, Hybe. Nail 50,000 people filled … Read more

Andrés Calamaro in Lima, like salmon in water: This is how the concert of the Argentine rockstar was lived [CRÓNICA]

Rosalia turns 30 these are the ten songs that have

How difficult it must be, for an artist like Andrés Calamaro, to choose the repertoire for a concert. With more than 40 years of experience, which includes more than 15 studio albums, two groups that marked Hispanic rock (Los Abuelos de la Nada and Los Rodríguez) and frenetic periods of composition, how do you select … Read more

Use of credit cards for concerts: the risks if you do not establish fees for the payment method

Use of credit cards for concerts the risks if you

After the return to normality of social activities such as concerts; the Peru It continues to host the presentation of various national and international artists and the response of the public has been very favorable for the groups that are visiting our country. According to Jorge Fernandezpresident of Artistic, Cultural and Related Shows Sector of … Read more

Lorde wanted a Dr. Simi to be thrown at her CDMX concert and this she said after receiving a shower of stuffed animals

Lorde wanted a Dr Simi to be thrown at her

(Photo: Tiktok/Twitter screenshot) After what lorde captivated her fans during the concert she held at the Pepsi Center last Tuesday, the New Zealand singer took advantage of the exit of her show to give some of her first impressions and was very happy for the rain from Dr. Simis you received. And it is that, … Read more

Outlook. Tarjetazo: most reliable ally for concerts

Metallica and Enter Sandman waking up the masses

Estéreo Picinic, Karol G, Miley Cyrus, Rosalía, Dualipa, Coldplay, Daddy Yankee, Guns n’ Roses… and the list goes on. These are just a handful of the concerts that have been held in Colombia this year, with world-class artists and some that Jorge Gómez has attended in these ten and a half months of 2022. And … Read more

How Shakira turned her disappointments into art: her best-selling albums and concerts

Booba Stavo and Smahlo releases for the week of October

Three World Cups, a Super Bowl, and more than 13 million copies sold in a single album, are some of the achievements of the best-selling Latin female artist of all time: Shakira. His career began at the age of 13 when he signed his first record deal with Sony Music Colombia. For this record company … Read more